Vintage 1959 Serro Scotty Trailer Restoration


   This Trailer was located in western, Pa. It was falling in on itself. The roof was completely rotted out. The amount of water damage was limited to just the roof and upper side wall areas. This required a complete removal of the roof and side walls. The sub-floor was inspected and found to be solid. New walls were built and re-installed. The roof was also upgraded and re-installed. The new interior walls were then replaced with Birch panels. The original cabinet was preserved. A new cedar clothing cabinet was installed to the left of the entry. Bamboo floors were installed. Up-graded electrical was installed to include its own battery power and converter. The polished siding was installed to complete the restorations. 


  The Serro Scotty has been featured in Autoweek Online. It has traveled the USA and traveled Route 66 where it was passable. This included 36 miles on a Native American Reservation. ( Not Recommended, Road condition was at a crawl. The pot holes were bad ). This trailer was sold in 2016 and is now in the care of a new family in Southern California.

  This was a complete Restoration of a 1959 Serro Scotty. This unit had many upgrades that can be found in our Online Store.