We offer classes that teach you about RV care and repair for the average DIY owner.


Please Visit our Online Store to purchase your tickets for your class of choice. Or contact our office to set up your you date and time for the beginners course, RV maintenance class


Beginners- New to Towing/Owning a RV.

Private class - Contact us Direct to set up date and time.

Our class is designed for those just learning to tow your camper or drive your motorhome. The class include a walk through your camper and explains how everything works. This includes setting up your camper in a campsite, how to dump you tanks, do routine repairs and maintenance.

Per Hour Rate: $100.00

RV Camper Academy

Offered in the Springtime and Fall Season

This class is a two day program. It is held on site of our shop. It is broken down into segments such as construction, plumbing, electrical, siding, cabinetry and finish work.

This class may include some hands on. This course is modified based on those attending the course. We encourage you to bring your RV your working on if it is road worthy. Course is for those restoring, building a schoolie bus, bus or van or even looking to buy an RV and want to learn what to look for.

Course Cost $400.00

Basic RV Maintenance

We offer our customer a chance to learn first hand a one on one instruction on what maintenance your RV needs and how you can take care of it. This class is held on a Saturday only. We teach you on your RV on the site of our shop. This is a one on one class.

Rate $100.00 per hour