The Start of a minor repair........

The Start of a minor repair........

The Start

 One of our friends contacted us about a trailer she had purchased. She found us threw a Facebook page that we are a member of. She was asking for help. We could not resist. As you will see, we have helped her along in her adventure. What looked like a minor leak became a large project.

The Work Starts

We started by taking the siding off together. As we started to work on this project. We expected to find good news under the skin. We did indeed find that I won that bet. It was much worse then Barb had expected.



 As you can see. We found lots of rot in the roof. I guess you can say Barb is lucky to have a good friend that can help her threw all of this. A support team is a must when you find out you opened a can of worms. Mind you this project is not a project that TwoFeathers is working on yet. But, we support everyone working on a project that would like their work posted.

What Now?

Lots of work was needed on this project. From the roof frame to the two opposite corners. They were rotten and required even more repair.

 This Trailer will be coming to TwoFeathers R/D for completion this spring 2017.