RV/MH Traveling Museum


1931 Zagelmeyer

This camper is a early Folding Tent Trailer. It can be displayed on its own or with our 1930 Model A truck

The RV/MH Hall of Fame and TwoFeathers Restorations & Design have come together to offer the RV/MH Traveling Museum. This is a new aspect of the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum. We are bringing together the knowledge and expertise to bring to you a Unique opportunity.

 Our fleet is a collection of unique and rare campers. Our campers (Unit) are either restored or in original condition. We will have a complete list of available units available for display as well as vehicles that can complete your display. Some campers have period accessories to compliment each display. Each display Unit will have a display sign explaining the Unique History of that unit. Each display will include a banner display     (approx. 3'x6') will be included that talks about our main museum location in Elkhart, Indiana. This banner will include our list of sponsors at the base of the sign.


Option 1: Single Unit

Display space required: 12’x10’ Choose: 1924 Auto-Kamp Tent Trailer OR 1931 Zagelmeyer Tent Trailer

This includes a single staff member during display time. Included is setup/take down Cost Per Display Day: $500.00

Option 2: Two Units

Display space required: 20’x30’ Choose from campers listed above or you can have our 1930 Model A Ford Truck pulling the camper.

This display requires two staff members during display time. Includes setup/take down Cost per Display Day: $1000.00

Option 3: All Three Units (Note: Our Trailer is 20’ and can only hold two units. There is a extra transport cost for third unit)

Display space required: 40’x30 approx. You would have all three currently available units.

This display requires two staff members during display time. Includes setup/take down Cost per Display Day: $1400.00

If your event requires our staff to stay over a period of days. Hotel fees will be added unless provided. There is a mileage fee of $1.10 per mile from Deerfield, Ma

Available units (January 2019)

Vehicles :

  • 1930 Model A truck (restored) ,

  • 1966 Chevrolet c10 truck (original patina 83,000 miles)


  • 1924 Auto-Kamp Tent Trailer                                                          

  • 1931 Zaglemeyer Tent Trailer                                                       

  • 1963 Shasta 16' with wings (available spring 2019)               

Trailers include some display items such as: Camp stove, lanterns, Tables, chairs and cook pans that are correct for tent trailers of their time.