Vintage Trailer Display Rental Fleet

 TwoFeathers R/D is proud to announce our Vintage Camper Displays. This is in connection with the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum.

We have brought together a small fleet of vintage campers which are preserved and or restored to the period of timer that they represent. We will continue to grow this fleet for the enjoyment of your customers. These units are great for Movies, Vintage Trailer Show and other events where a vintage camper would fit in. We also have two vehicles that can be included in the displays. Please contact us for quotes for your event.

All Rental fees cover expenses to your event, repairs of the fleet, restoration of additional units to the fleet. Your funds will also go to support restoration work on trailers on display at the museum in Elkhart, Indiana.
   1931 Tent Trailer on the left, 1930 model A truck, 1924 tent trailer

1931 Tent Trailer on the left, 1930 model A truck, 1924 tent trailer


You can choose any vehicle or trailer from our fleet. Your price is per unit. (Unit = 1 vehicle or trailer)


Cost will vary with location and transport costs to your event. Each event is unique in nature. We require our staff to be on site for the protection of the collection. In most cases we will provide our own transports. But, in some long distances we will require a third party transport. You will need to coordinate with your venue for a secure location prior and after your event for the purpose of storage of the rental units. We will work with you and the transport company to arrange times and dates. Our staff will set up the displays and break them down. 

Available units (July 2018)

Vehicles : 1930 Model A truck (restored) , 1966 Chevrolet c10 truck (original patina 83,000 miles)

Trailers : 1924 Auto-Kamp Tent Trailer                                                            1931 Zaglemeyer Tent Trailer                                                            1963 Shasta 16' with wings                

Trailers include some display items such as: Camp stove, lanterns, Tables, chairs and cook pans that are correct for tent trailers of their time.